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Website Development Process

Website Development Process

Our Process and How We Work
Everything starts with a statement of work. All work must be stated in the statement of work. Every project is broken down by phase and then into task. Every task is given an hourly effort and totaled at the bottom. This way, time and effort can be tracked and we are sure that we are able to spend the most time on the things you deem the most valuable.

We collect 50% upfront and the final 50% after the project is completed.

Info Gathering
Collection of the logo, colors, page list and example websites.

Creation of homepage wireframe. The wire frame is what a blueprint is, to a house. The purpose is to solidify the structure and layout of the website. We do this to once again come together on the direction in the creative design process.

Graphic Design
In this phase we start to bring graphical life to the project which will include colors, placement holder text and graphics.

Development Phase
In this phase we bring functional life to the project which will include a beta site url where you can play around with your site. We make sure everything is working correctly and is everything you want.

Image and content load
In this stage we will be finalizing the images throughout the website using customer provided images or royalty free stock images. We will place provided content on all pages. If no content is provided we can quote you.

Testing and going live
In this phase we will test every single page and function to make sure it’s ready before going live. After testing and customer approval we will go live on the production website.

Final Payment
Collection of final payment.

We do not host new clients ourselves. We register domain names and hosting services using our client’s personal or business information (whichever is preferred). All services we register with for our client’s website is done using our client’s preferred information.

  • Our website development process begins with a consultation regarding your goals, the type of site you will require, the way it should function, be designed and what you wish to accomplish.
  • If you then agree to continue with an order we will send a contract detailing our agreement which will include items discussed.
  • We will require your company information, the domain you would like to use, reference sites (for design or feature demonstration purposes), the main menu items (Home, About, Service…) and a deposit.  Content such as text and images need to be provided in a timely manner. Any emails you wish to be created can be sent to us along with the site content.
  • We will create a keyword analysis for your review
  • As the site is being built you will be contacted to make sure the project is developing as agreed.
  • When your project is completed we will walk you through the administration of your site and hosting service so that you have a basic understanding of their functions. A list of all credentials and links regarding any registrations that were done on your behalf will be sent to you.